I love ice cream…always have and suspect I always will.  Ice cream is a classic comfort food for many and that includes the residents that we plan our menus for.  The reason for this blog topic is because several years ago, in 2009 to be exact, my husband and I sampled an exquisitely flavoured ice cream that my friend, Nick, had developed for his restaurant.  The immediate taste was like a delicate rose, followed by a strong sweetness that was so yummy.  I kept trying to identify the ingredients but was unsuccessful except for maybe the almonds…or was that coconut?  Chef Nick told me one of his ‘secret’ ingredients but the rest still remain a mystery.  I’ve never forgotten that ice cream.

When writing about this I went looking for the history of ice cream.  There is quite a bit but no really hard facts.  In fact, most is considered folklore.  It appears the idea of this frozen dessert has been around for some time.  I agree with one of the articles’ authors that it probably wasn’t ‘invented’ as such, but rather started off as a frozen ice dessert (maybe as early as the year 1254) and later, to a sherbet (in the 17th century) and finally to an ice cream (in the 19th century).  You can be sure though that the earliest versions were made with only a few simple ingredients…need I say more.

Nick has waited 6 years for this testimonial.  He still makes his own ice cream.  You have to visit India Village in Ancaster, Ontario to try not only Nick’s ice cream but also his wonderful authentic Indian Cuisine.  Be sure to tell Nick and his wife Jackie, that Jane sent you.  http://www.fineindiancuisine.ca

To read more on ice cream history, here are a couple of links:  http://www.dairygoodness.ca/ice-cream/the-history-of-ice-cream