J. Oulton & Associates is a nutrition and culinary consulting group of Registered Dietitians, a Certified Rational Red Seal Chef and other food service specialists. Working with clients since 1987, they have been providing services tailored to the needs of Long Term Care, Assisted Living, Convalescent and Retirement Home settings. Their professional team has many successful years of food service management, menu development, clinical nutrition (Registered Dietitian) services and education.

Jane Oulton and her group continually advocate for quality nutrition care for seniors and are constantly researching, developing, implementing and evaluating ways to improve the quality of nutrition and food services for those living in care type settings.  At the same time they help clients save money and be more efficient.

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"There is a strong sense of community"

"J. Oulton & Associates always strives to provide the best care to our clients but is also focussed on caring for our own group of Dietitians and Food Service Managers. What sets this company apart from the others is that there is a strong sense of community between our team where we can draw on others' expertise and experience. In a job where we are required to work independently, it is reassuring to know that there are others an email or text away."

- Stephanie Isaak, RD

"J. Oulton & Associates is a valued practicum partner"

"J. Oulton & Associates is a valued practicum partner of the Internationally Educated Dietitians' Pre-registration Program (IDPP) at Ryerson University. Through practicum opportunities with the company IDPP candidates have received expert guidance of highly qualified professionals enabling them to hone their skills in the Canadian practice environment. They have also benefited from opportunities to work with creative and progressive projects as well as develop valuable networks to support their future practice."

-- Beverly Brockest, MEd. RD Curriculum and Practicum Coordinator Internationally Educated Dietitians' Pre-registration Program Ryerson University

"Many knowledgeable, experienced nutrition experts"

"It’s great working as a consulting dietitian for J. Oulton & Associates Inc. for several reasons. The support system they have developed to help their dietitians is so strong and built from many knowledgeable, experienced nutrition experts. And it all shows in the quality of work we’re able to provide to our residents in long-term care. Jane and her clinical lead team offer their dietitians (as well as interns) the opportunity to learn and grow as professionals in a fast-paced work environment that never gets boring. This is definitely a team you want to work hard for."

- Jonathan Conti, RD

"Integrity and professionalism"

“J. Oulton & Associates functions with integrity and professionalism, regard for the viewpoints and insights of the Consulting Dietitians and support in our professional practice. It is a privilege to work with Jane and be a part of this exemplary team.”

-- Helen Bradley, RD

"It is a pleasure to work with J. Oulton and Associates"

Jane has had a relationship with Hamilton Store Fixtures for 30 years, first when she was a Dietary Manager and then with J. Oulton and Associates, Nutrition and Culinary Services Consulting. As a customer of ours, we can always count on her coming into the store with a smile. She is professional and makes her inquiries with her end users in mind. If it is a piece of equipment Jane looks for ease of use and best value for her clients. If residents are the end users, residents have a say in the final purchase. It is a pleasure to work with J. Oulton and Associates and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services to anyone.

-- Hedy Poei at Hamilton Store Fixtures